October 2, 2023

Yes. John Wright, with whom I’ve made music off and on for about thirty years, made a record which you just might have heard under the nom de rock of Dead Bob. It’s called Life Like and it’s available online, and format copies you can hold and admire and file alphabetically on a shelf will be available at the forthcoming Dead Bob live shows. Did I just say that? Am I burying the lede? Well, I’ll be there, no matter which one you go to, holding down the left hand side of the stage playing keyboards as well as the trombone I’ve just taken up specifically for this project. I’d like to know what the trombone has done, exactly, to deserve immediate association with “ska” in the imaginations of the unimaginative. Why not Mahler’s 3rd or Alice Donut’s reading of “War Pigs?” The answers to this question and others at venues all around British Columbia as John, along with myself, Byron from Invasives, Kristy from Rong, and Colin from Pigment Vehicle bring his wonderful music to real live audiences. Maybe we’ll see you there, or at one of the other ones we’re hoping to encounter in the year ahead! Watch this space and others for more info. Until then, maybe I’ll see you back at the Lido where we’ll see how the the last couple of years’ embrace of looping technology holds up in the presence of somebody who knows what she’s doing when I perform solo with Mi’ens!

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