These are the facts: maintaining steady and regular updates is constitutionally alien to me at this time. Has it ever not been? I’m not proud of it, but these are the facts. There are some other ones too, like the recent digital release of a fake solo Pete Townshend song that I wrote just so that I would have the chance to get Beez to play on it and spend the night hanging out with him. That was out just in time for me to play with Selina Martin on her recent triumphant return to these shores. These shores would be located around Canada with the lengthiest ones being positioned at its perimeter.

Of interest also could be the recent digital release of John Wright’s long-awaited first collection of solo recordings under the sobriquet Dead Bob, to which I contributed in a small way, and the laying of plans for that project’s live manifestation, to which I’m going to contribute in a big way.

Another new project I’ve been happy to contribute to is Jibbernaut, which has me reunited with the wonderful men I played with in Tankhog thirty years ago. Thirty years. Ye cats. Is there a live debut forthcoming to celebrate the release of the new EP? Yes.

And are there also upcoming local solo shows with the likes of Carolyn Mark and Mi’ens? Also yes.

I would offer something feeble about resolving to pay more attention to this space and to stay in better touch, but filling the world with more disingenuousness and chagrin hardly seems worthy. Those are the facts. We’ll communicate some more when I create some new ones!




Ford Pier has released six solo albums, two more with his rock band The Vengeance Trio, and another with his string quartet Strength Of Materials. He has written and arranged for symphony orchestra and chamber ensembles, had lyrics published in Geist magazine, lectured at The University Of Applied Sciences Europe in Berlin, composed electronic soundscapes for fashion shows, and recorded or toured with acts as varied as D.O.A., The Rheostatics, and Neko Case. He lives in Vancouver.


Gormful In Maya

Gormless: an unpaired word meaning obtuse, slow-witted, or otherwise lacking in vim. Maya: in Hindu, Buddhist, and other cosmologies, the world of magic and illusion positioned between ourselves and the true fabric of existence, which we perceive as reality. Make of that what you will. If there’s a theme to these ten songs, I’m not …