This is a song that Paddy and I recorded at the same time as Gormful, but it just didn’t fit on that record. Video seemed to be the obvious solution… Expertly mixed by Michael Phillip Wojewoda, who I phoned to turn up the sleighbells as I was being wheeled in to have hernia surgery. Que mundo! Sadly, it may be fungible.


Ford Pier has released six solo albums, two more with his rock band The Vengeance Trio, and another with his string quartet Strength Of Materials. He has written and arranged for symphony orchestra and chamber ensembles, had lyrics published in Geist magazine, lectured at The University Of Applied Sciences Europe in Berlin, composed electronic soundscapes for fashion shows, and recorded or toured with acts as varied as D.O.A., The Rheostatics, and Neko Case. He lives in Vancouver.


Gormful In Maya

Gormless: an unpaired word meaning obtuse, slow-witted, or otherwise lacking in vim. Maya: in Hindu, Buddhist, and other cosmologies, the world of magic and illusion positioned between ourselves and the true fabric of existence, which we perceive as reality. Make of that what you will. If there’s a theme to these ten songs, I’m not …